How to Recognise Quality Marijuana Seeds

Did you know that you can tell whether marijuana seeds are of quality or not before you even buy them?

Being able to do that helps you to avoid wasting your money on poor-quality seeds and get a good harvest from your outdoor marijuana seeds. So, if you are looking for the best ways to help you buy high-quality marijuana seeds, then you are in the right place.

Here are the major things that you should look out for and do when buying cannabis seeds:

1. Appearance and Feel


Getting used to how quality marijuana seeds look is one of the reliable ways you can use to get the best ones. When it comes to the appearance of marijuana seeds, look for those with shades of black and grey. Seeds with this characteristic are usually genetically superior and healthier compared to those that do not.

Also, seeds with these shades might have a tiger stripe aesthetic, which is another trait that shows quality. High-quality and healthy seeds also seem like they have some wax coating on their shells.

To be sure if the seeds you want have this characteristic, expose them to bright light. Doing so should cause some sheen effect. Something else that you should do before buying your seeds is touch them to feel as if they are firm.

To do that, use your index finger and thumb to squeeze one of the seeds. Don’t squeeze with a lot of pressure but with enough to test how resilient it is.

If the seed does not break or bend after you press it, then that shows its quality. Poor-quality seeds usually crumble or crack after you apply some pressure on them.

So, squeezing can be an excellent way to determine whether they are what you are looking for. Young and immature marijuana seeds are usually white and green.

The chances of young seeds germinating are very low, and if they do, they take a lot of time. You can purchase different types of cannabis that are of optimal age from top dealers to ensure you get the best quality yield.

2. Do the Floating Test

This test is easy to do and effective in determining the quality of cannabis seeds. For products made with CBD from hemp, it doesn’t require testing of the finished product.

Testing can be performed on the CBD oils to determine each chemical that helps in treating medical issues like anxiety, arthritis, etc. It also helps us to know how long does it take for CBD oil to work.

Put some distilled or spring water in a glass jar and place a few seeds inside. If the seeds remain buoyant on the water surface, then chances are that they are of poor quality and you should not purchase them. High-quality seeds should sink when you place them in water.

However, you must give the test some time before concluding on the results as the seeds might take a long to sink. So, for how long should you be patient with the test?

Around one or two hours should be enough to give you results. High-quality seeds take long sometimes to absorb enough water to make them sink and you might have to wait for some time.

3. Look at The Size and Shape

Size is one of the things you should consider when looking for quality marijuana seeds as it’s very easy to determine the right one. High-quality seeds are usually larger.

This method comes in handy, especially when the seeds are in a packet and you can’t open it to look or feel them. Since high-quality seeds are large, they will be lesser when packed as they occupy more space than smaller seeds.

Big marijuana seeds usually have more energy and potential to mature fast and even produce a more fruitful harvest. You can also tell the quality of cannabis seeds by looking at their specific shapes.

Pick different seeds and compare them side to side. High-quality seeds should be symmetrical or have a teardrop shape. Poor quality seeds, on the other hand, are usually more irregular in shape.

4. Storage Conditions

It might be tricky to get enough information on the storage conditions of the seeds you want to buy.

However, if you can, then you will be in a better position to determine their quality. If possible, buy marijuana seeds from a dealer who stores them in cool and dry conditions.

Why? Seeds saved in such situations can hardly get mold or any other fungal issue that can tamper with their quality. Also, avoid buying seeds that you find in bags.

Prefer buying them from reputed and legal online services like Ontario cannabis. Seeds in containers are most likely of poor quality since that shows that an invading male has most probably pollinated the female plants.

This pollination hinders the production of resin, which is a substance that contains THC. When marijuana seeds pollinate, they become denser, which means that their worth will be less than what you will pay for.

5. Weight of the Seeds

Size mostly determines the weight of the seed. Dense seeds are usually of better quality than lighter ones.

Old seeds lose their nutrients and moisture, which makes them bright.

So, considering the weight can help you avoid buying mature seeds that won’t give you the results you want after you plant them and instead get heavy, high-quality seeds.

6. Cost of  the Seeds

High-quality seeds usually cost more. However, you can find some poor-quality seeds that have incredibly high prices on the market, which makes combining this factor with others quite essential.

Going for cheaper seeds might cost you because they might lead to losses since they are more likely to give you unsatisfactory results even after investing your time and money to grow them.

So, go for seeds whose price is relatively higher because they are more likely of quality compared to the cheaper ones. For this, online dispensary Canada is the best option.

7. The time Seeds Take To Germinate

The best way to determine the quality of marijuana seeds is to germinate them.

However, don’t buy seeds in bulk and grow them for experimental purposes because what happens if they are not of quality? To be on the safer side, after considering all the above factors, buy just a small amount of cannabis seeds and plant them.

It shouldn’t take long for them to germinate. If the seeds germinate properly and show the potential to grow well, then, their quality is high.

That way, you can go back and get more to plant since you are sure that they will give you great results.


Growing marijuana can be a little bit tricky, especially when you don’t know what to look for when purchasing the seeds.

So, consider all these significant factors that we have looked at in this article, and you will never waste your money on poor-quality seeds again.

Even better, purchase your seeds from the best dealers that deals in providing even small amount like 50mg CBD and seeds as they guarantee you that you’ll get the best quality without much hassle.

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