How to build vape backlinks in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

How To Build Vape Backlinks In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Social media marketing techniques and paid Google ads are becoming less appealing and effective to vape bureaus. This is because of growing regulations and restrictions. These strategies are no longer practical advertising solutions for online vape stores.

This has led online vape shops to seek options to raise label awareness and drive traffic. Link building has created a reputation and has become one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website and grow its dominance.

Not just that, it looks like one of the very few marketing techniques that online vaping stores can implement without running the danger of restrictions or fines. Perhaps you’re an online vape store owner who’d like to build Vape Backlinks for your store, but you’ve got no idea how to go about it. You’re reading the right post.

Why Start an Online Vape Store?

First, let’s understand the power of an online vape shop before going further. Millions of individuals are turning to vape items and e-cigarettes to quit smoking. There are countless other reasons why the vaping sector is developing at an admirable rate.

As per the latest WHO figures, the number of vapers has skyrocketed from seven million in 2011 to forty-one million in only seven years. That’s why it’s an excellent chance for a business head to establish an online vape store and sell an array of vaping items.

There are also some benefits of going online with your vape products:

  • It’s scalable- with processes and businesses transforming regularly, there will always be demand for new services, features, and items for your agency. Plus, you can apply some different pricing tiers and business models that will permit you to reach all clients.
  • High margins- your online vape shop’s online margins are usually approximately sixty percent, which is considerably high and enables you to handle costs and develop your business efficiently.
  • Incredible discounts and perks- working in the online vape arena have significant advantages. You typically get to sample industry discounts and bonuses as a vendor of these services/products.
  • Simple enterprise model- an online vape store has the benefit of a simple business model, making establishing and creating the establishment more smooth.
  • Unlimited income possibility- there’s no limit to how much you can make with an online vape shop. The more time and power you invest into your career and the stronger your business skills, the more cash you’ll make.
  • Flexibility- you can place as much time into the enterprise as you’d wish. If you enjoy the work and have some prior experience, you can start small and handle all the enterprise’s aspects on your own.
  • It’s straightforward to encourage ‘impulse purchase’- you have a much higher opportunity of motivating your clients to buy on impulse in an online vape store- you can easily change the promotional worth, cost, packaging, and placement to affect your buyer’s decision.
  • High client retention rates- immediately a client finances your item, they’ve invested their power and time to use your service or product, which is highly valuable to them.
  • Foreseeable income stream- your enterprise income stream tends to be predictable depending on the clients you’ve signed up with. This makes financial outlooks and planning smoother.
  • Valuable business connections- there’s no telling who you’ll meet on the online platform. The more dedicated you’ll be, the better your odds!

Interesting Statistics on E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Here are some figures that reveal the rise of vaping and e-cigs use in the US alone:

  • Experts estimate the worldwide vaping items market to be worth $22.6 billion from $4 billion in five years alone.
  • The rate of grown-ups using vape items increased from 2.4 percent in 2012 to 5.2 percent in only three years.
  • The number of adults using vape products will reach over 55 million in 2021.
  • The UK, USA, and Japan are the three most massive consumers of vaping products on the planet.

Why People Vape?

A study by Ernst & Young gives some perspective on why individuals vape:

  • It assists in cutting down on smoking.
  • It’s available in an exciting array of flavors.
  • It’s less harmful than cigarettes.
  • Fewer areas forbid vaping.
  • It doesn’t trouble other people.

Items You Can Sell on an Online Vape Shop

You have specific options for selling as an online store for vape products. These are articles that you can find in any online vape shop. They include:

  • Vape pens
  • Replacement glass for tanks
  • Cotton kits and wires
  • E-fluids
  • Cells for mods
  • Covers for vaping instruments
  • Coils
  • Mods
  • E-cigarettes

How to Start a Vape Store Online?

Three leading e-commerce platforms make the process easier:


Shopify is a recognized platform for starting an online vaping store. It’s mostly dependent on add-ons and external apps. However, it covers all the facilities to run a vape store.

Here’s how it can assist you if you choose to use it:

  • It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that handles all the aspects of managing an establishment.
  • It’s got an impressive range of templates and themes.
  • It offers sufficient payment gateway integrations for vaping item transactions.
  • It provides unmatched customer service despite your niche.
  • It’s got a broad range of integration and apps to rely on.

3D Cart

3D Cart provides unique characteristics for selling e-cigs and vape items. Additionally, it offers a beautiful collection of themes that can go well in your online vape shop.

Some of the features that it offers when it comes to vaping are:

  • Age confirmation option to caution visitors as per the FDA rule.
  • Excellent support structure for the users
  • Item review features for the clients
  • Calculating taxes for all the cities and states
  • A suite of instruments to tack your enterprise sales
  • Excellent content marketing features to promote your blogs


It’s currently among the quickest growing e-commerce platforms on the globe. Users best know it for its flexibilities and unmatched themes it provides to them. If you plan to launch a vape shop online, it can be a suitable pick. It has just the features and tools to make the venture a success.

Some of the goodies it has in store for online vape stores are:

  • Integrations with payment gateways that permit transactions on vaping items.
  • A Product Reorder feature to facilitate users to order similar items continuously.
  • An automatic client credit structure
  • Inbuilt subscription and coupon systems
  • A built-in accurate inventory handling structure
  • Strong back-end facilities to follow orders and sales data

What You Should Care For On Your Online Vape Shop?

The FDA requires handling some things when you launch your online store. The US government controls the health factor carefully. Therefore, you must ensure that all your visitors are adults and above the accepted smoking age. It also helps to ensure the buyers receive the correct information on your item page.

So what should you care for?

Product Page

You should note down the item’s basic details such as:

  • Tax details as per location
  • Ingredients
  • Nicotine percentage
  • Manufacturer information and
  • Flavor details on your product pages

It’s close to impossible to sell vape items in some lands. You must show the product’s availability as per the location. Consider clearing all visitors’ concerns about shipping costs and taxes state-wise.

Age Confirmation

Your online shop needs to have an age verification popup where visitors confirm their age and then receive access to your store. Various states have different criteria for the smoking age. You must ensure that your age verification is in line with the location.

Caution on Items

It’s compulsory to indicate health caution on the actual item packaging and online item card. You only have to ensure a warning on all the articles if you aren’t a producer.

Backlinks Explained

Also known as ‘one-way links,’ ‘inbound links,’ and ‘incoming links,’ backlinks are links from a single website to a page on another website. Major search engines like Google and Bing think of backlinks as ‘votes’ for a particular page. Pages with the most backlinks usually have high organic search engine rankings.

Note: Links and backlinks are the same things. People who make a living from SEO (search engine optimization) are very passionate about referring to links as backlinks.

About SEO

There are over a billion active websites at the moment. A large percentage of them are providing a particular type of service, enterprise, item, or information that’s beneficial to plenty of different people from around the world.

Many websites do everything they can to provide relevant content to their target audience. Google processes more than forty thousand searches each second. This means that it feeds over 3.5 billion users with different information. As per the figures, Google performs approximately 1.2 trillion searches every year worldwide.

Continuous growth in the number of websites calls for you to be creative in ranking among the top websites. Here’s where Vape SEO steps in. SEO combines countless various kinds of techniques that have the possibility of helping your desired users acknowledge and locate you in search quickly.

The main goal of every SEO technique is to enhance your rankings ultimately and position you higher in SERP than countless other sites contending with you for that similar long-tail and short-tail keywords.

Why Do You Need Vape Backlinks?

Vape backlinks remain among the most essential Google SEO ranking elements. The more quality backlinks your vape website contains, the higher its Vape keyword ranking will be. Consider them a vote of confidence from Google. Google ranks sites with quality backlinks higher on the SERPs since it views them as famous.

Types of Backlinks

There are several kinds of backlinks that websites can utilize to redirect traffic to their online vape shop or yours:

Nofollow Links

These are standard links that redirect readers from one website to another. Think of them as a mild nudge in the right direction for interested readers.

Dofollow Links

They’re the same as Nofollow links in the sense that they achieve a similar goal: Redirect traffic from a single website to the other. However, Dofollow links have an extra card up their sleeve: Build domain authority.

They tell search engines that the website this link leads to is approved using the link. The more Dofollow links your website contains the greater your domain’s value.

About Backlink Building

SEO link-building schemes aim to earn traffic to your website. They achieve this by redirecting traffic from other websites to yours.

Here’s how it’s achieved: If you’re aiming at a particular keyword to drive organic traffic through SEO, other websites will probably target the exact keyword you are- especially if it’s of high value.

These other websites could be opponents you’re fighting with for brand display, but they can be possibly valuable supporters that you could partner with. By partnering with them, you’ll arrange for them to have links to your online vape store on their website. All links are do-follow except for those from social media. Typical sources of no-follow links include:

  • Platforms with user-generated content like Twitch, YouTube, and Medium
  • Widget links
  • Blog remarks section
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Discussion Forums like Reddit and Quora
  • Wikipedia
  • Press Releases

How to Construct Vape Backlinks?

Building vape backlinks is a straightforward procedure. The following are some pointers you can utilize to complete the process quickly and successfully.

Concentrate on How Target Websites Will Gain By Linking to Your Site

It’s vital to learn what your target websites want before following backlink-building methods. Highly authoritative websites will only connect to your page if you’ve got something worthwhile to present. Most sites seek the following when they consider linking to your site:

  • The website’s legitimacy
  • Comprehensive content covering every area of the topic in-depth
  • Content relevant to their audience’s interest and their niche
  • High-quality, authoritative content
  • Current content with the latest data trends

Come Up With Competitive Content

Countless web pages compete for backlinks, making it a challenging task. However, web pages with more high-quality content than their rivals receive the most backlinks. The external link quality will affect your posts as well. You should link to the posts providing the most competitive, relevant, well-written, and highly engaging content.

Here are some tips on making your content competitive:

  • Cover content that your opponents have overlooked.
  • Discuss the topic in more detail than your rivals.
  • Use better headings for more effortless reading.
  • Include high-quality screenshots, images, screenshots, Slideshare, and other visual assets.

Make Internal Links

Internal links give exposure to the whole website. Some pages receive more organic traffic naturally than others. The users can navigate the entire website if you include extensive internal links.

For instance, an internal link may direct the users to a page they like. Therefore, traffic will increase to all pages, resulting in higher possibilities of backlinks. A reliable plugin for all things internal links is LinkWhisper. This WordPress plugin utilizes artificial intelligence to suggest relevant links.

Produce Long-Form Content

Long-form content receives more shares and backlinks. It offers readers more suitable value than short-form content as it’s annoying to visit countless pages for missing details. They prefer content that covers all areas in detail. Here are some aspects to assisting you in determining the proper post length:

  • Competitor’s examination- you can compare your opponent’s posts’ progress with yours if you’ve left out some practical information that they have offered.
  • The topic covered- some themes generally need more comprehensive details than others. The simplest way to determine the suitable content length is to explore the Google search outcomes for the keyword.

Track Your Rival’s Backlinks

Following opponents’ backlinks is an essential step toward backlink construction. You’ll not only discover new chances that you may have ignored, but you’ll get to know about what your technique lacks as well.

Competitor backlink research can benefit you in more ways than one like:

  • Focus on appropriate keywords by evaluating which content is receiving more backlinks.
  • Enhance your content by studying which rivals’ posts get the most backlinks.
  • Target high authority sites by studying the quality of sites connecting to competitors.
  • Spotting the number of backlinks needed to rank higher in SERPs by evaluating the average number of backlinks a competitor is receiving.

If you seek an all-in-one SEO instrument that follows your opponent’s backlinks, you’re in luck. SEMrush can help. Linkody’s another alternative that’ll instantly inform you whenever your opponent earns a backlink.

Build Relationships

This is a crucial step to assist you in receiving high-quality backlinks and learning from other experts in your field. You’ll learn the latest news and trends as well. Building a relationship is easy.

You can create some by participating in discussion forums and remarking on other blog posts connected to your niche. Immediately you begin doing both, you’ll learn about countless exceptional and original authors. They’ll start acknowledging you as a professional in the sector with time.

Another effective method of building relationships is to connect to other sites or blogs. Linking to other sites makes others feel your presence, and you’ll likely receive a positive answer when inquiring:

  • To print your review on their site
  • For a backlink
  • To feature your website in the link roundup
  • To accept your guest post
  • To substitute an outdated or broken link with your content

Building relationships will assist you in establishing your dominance as well.

Keep an Eye on Your Backlinks

Most site owners get so caught up following other backlinks that they forget their own. The bad news is, that just as you receive credit for high-quality backlinks, you may also get punished for low-quality links.

Here are some valid reasons to keep an eye on your backlinks:

  • Low-quality backlinks can impact your reputation negatively. You may lose traffic in the process.
  • Evaluate your backlink method to learn if it’s effective or not.
  • You know what individuals are writing about you.
  • Study the quality of backlinks and disown those that may earn your website punishment.

Luckily, you won’t have to do all the work. Several backlink checking tools are present that you can utilize to monitor and track backlinks, like SpyFu, Linkody, and Serpstat.

Stick to a Configuration That Draws More Traffic

Particular content formats are ideal for gaining backlinks, like:

  • List-post: For instance, Top ten backlink building tools to utilize in 2021
  • Why post: For example, Why do you require backlinks to enhance your ranking
  • What article: For instance, What are the most successful backlink building techniques?
  • How-to-post: For instance, How to build vape backlinks in 2022

Target Valuable Links

Backlink building is among the most complex SEO tasks, and the link quality makes it more challenging to achieve. Here are some aspects that make a link valuable for your site:

  • It’s from a relevant website- search engines look if the backlink is from a related site or not. A valuable site is a site that’s relevant to your field. For instance, if your field is digital advertising and you’re receiving a backlink from a medical blog, it won’t be helpful to you.
  • Dofollow links- though do-follow links are more valuable, no-follow links benefit you with exposure and increased traffic as well. However, search engines consider do-follow links alone for SEO. Dofollow links pass dominion from the referring site to the destination site. On the other hand, no-follow links don’t give any authority to you.
  • It’s from a high domain authority website- the dominion of sites referring to your page plays an integral part in determining your rank. It’s because the backlink carries the site’s authority. Therefore, high domain authority websites transfer more energy onto your website.
  • It’s natural- links are neither sponsored nor paid.
  • It’s unique- one blunder that new site owners make is earning several links from a similar site. Backlinks from various websites are more beneficial not only for assorted traffic but also for SEO.
  • It’s from a website that hadn’t given you a link earlier. Unique links from various websites are much more beneficial than countless links from a similar website.


Vape backlinks are essential for the growth and success of your online vape store. That’s why you should take your time to invest in the right ones. The article above has provided all the necessary information to build them correctly. It’s your turn to apply the knowledge. It might seem challenging if you’re new to it, and that’s okay, but you must believe in yourself. If you started a successful online vape shop despite the challenges, then building vape backlinks will be a piece of cake for you. Try it today!