how to build cbd backlinks in 2022: the ultimate guide

How to Build CBD Backlinks In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

In the past few years, CBD has become one of the hottest daily supplements available on the market. With such a popular product, competition between brands is bound to be stiff, especially in the digital space. Online retail is one of the most competitive industries, and getting an edge on your competitors is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, there is a way to stand out from the crowd on the digital landscape, and that is by using backlinks. Backlinking has been used for a long time to increase your eCommerce store’s ranking in search engines, and if you do it right, it works.

SEO and SEM are the future of marketing in the CBD market, so seizing the opportunity while it’s still hot will give you an advantage.

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However, the algorithm and strategy behind ranking search results are complex. What’s more, SEO experts charge a lot of money to make a website SEO-friendly because they know they have the knowledge and expertise not many people share.

But if you’re willing to learn more about it, you’ll find this guide extremely helpful. Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about backlinks and how to build them for your CBD business effectively. So, let’s get started!

The Importance of CBD Backlinks

Backlinks are links found on other websites, leading back to your domain. These links are typically embedded on blog posts and similar content that’s being posted online. Using links shows the search engines that you’re running a trustworthy site as it has backlinks from other reputable domains.

Backlinks are among the key factors that influence your page’s ranking. In addition to them, SEO, user experience, and page speed are other highly influential factors. As these website features can make or break your page, the importance of backlinks can’t be underestimated.

Here’s what can provide for your business:

  • Raises your website ranking

Google and other search engines take backlinking as a crucial factor when ranking the websites for search results. Therefore, the use of backlinks can raise your website above the other competitors because the search engine can find out more about your business and determine its expertise through backlinks.

This is your primary aim, as a higher rank status can increase everything connected to your digital business, including sales and brand visibility.

  • Increases brand visibility

As mentioned, backlinks will increase the visibility of your brand. This is great for businesses that just started but don’t have the resources to invest in an expensive marketing project. Backlinking allows brand owners to increase brand visibility in efficient and cost-effective ways.

  • Improves brand reputation

Not only will your brand become more popular with backlinking, but it’ll also have an increased reputation among CBD users. When your website ranks high, and your brand becomes visible, the clients will slowly start trusting your brand. This will lead to your brand being a reliable business with a good reputation.

  • Boosts traffic and sales

Finally, all of the abovementioned benefits of backlinking ultimately lead to a significant increase in website traffic, leading to more sales and higher conversion rates.

As more people learn about your brand and start visiting your online business, more and more of them will decide to make a purchase, making your business do well and rise above the rival companies in a highly competitive market.

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How to build CBD backlinks?

Nowadays, all businesses should have a website. CBD businesses aren’t an exception, especially if you want to make online sales.

But, creating a website, coming up with a perfect brand name, designing an eye-catching logo, and putting up all your products isn’t enough. Today’s business owners have to do much more to rank higher in the search results and that is how they can achieve that.

Report Broken Links

If you’re someone who likes to browse the internet and read various articles based on CBD, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself in the following situation. You’re reading an engaging piece and would like to get more information on the topic. Interestingly enough, there are backlinks inserted in the article as sources for further research. But the links aren’t working, and you face that annoying error 404 page, so you leave the website disappointed.

Now you can gain benefit from these broken links. Instead of leaving the visitors in disappointment, take some time to contact the webmaster and report the broken links. In addition to reporting the broken links, suggest a new link that can replace the broken ones. Find a similar link from your website and offer it as an alternative.

Although we can’t guarantee the webmaster will accept your offer, the odds are in your favor as you’re also helping them keep their sources up to date. All you have to do is search for articles in the CBD niche and look for broken links. You’ll be surprised to learn the internet is filled with them. Therefore, you are offered an opportunity to locate the broken links and substitute them with yours. This is also the simplest and fastest method of backlink building.

Promotion of content

Regardless of how valuable, insightful, and unique your content is, you won’t get much-deserved recognition without any promotion. This is especially true for newly-launched websites that have no visitors or very few of them.

Because there’s a massive amount of new content published every day, you have to make your content attention-worthy. The simplest way to do this is by promoting it. That way, others will realize your content is worth linking back to, and you’ll receive quality and reliable backlinks.

You’ll see many popular brands promoting their content online as businesses of all sizes benefit from the content promotion. Implement popular keywords, use eye-catching visuals, and engage with your clients to get the most out of online advertising.

When your content becomes more successful, get in touch with web admins in the CBD niche and notify them about your well-performing links. The best option is to go with sources that focus on reviews as they always look for new content. The internet is filled with bloggers and journals strongly focusing on promoting CBD, so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Once the webmasters see how impressively well the public receives your articles, they’ll indeed present you with an appropriate backlink which will instantly increase your rank, leading to a better position for all results.

Guest blogging

Are you looking to find the all-time winning method of earning more backlinks for your business? Then you don’t have to look further, as CBD guest post outreach is just what you need.

As the ultimate strategy of building backlinks, your business will flourish by implementing guest blogging efforts. Essentially, guest blogging is widely practiced by websites, especially in the cannabis and CBD industries. In simple terms, webmasters allow other companies to write and publish their blogs using their platform.

As a CBD business, you’ll find countless domains that welcome guest bloggers. This means you can write an article where you promote your brand, and it’ll get published on a different website, leaving you with a reputable backlink.

What’s more, the CBD community is one of the most supportive ones, enabling many webmasters to let you publish a guest article on their site for free. Not only are you getting a free backlink in return, but you can also earn commission from the post.

When it comes to backlinks, you can try to implement as many of them as you want, as long as the webmaster approves the final version. But, be careful. Don’t overdo it. Keep Google footprints and penalties in mind and do some research on the subject. If you push too many backlinks from non-reputable sites, Google will see this as a red flag.

In any case, your guest blogging efforts will be profitable even if the article contains a single backlink, which makes this the most efficient, reliable, and successful link-building method.

Besides building backlinks, guest blogging can also help you in:

  • Producing top-class content
  • Growing your customer base
  • Boosting exposure
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing domain authority
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Customer reviews

Reviews, also known as testimonials, are another reliable strategy of quality link-building. Conversion, or the process of turning a website visitor into a customer, isn’t a simple task, but reviews can make this problematic step much more manageable. If your website has positive reviews from previous experiences of other customers, your indecisive customers and new website visitors will choose your company over any other.

Furthermore, genuine and trustworthy reviews don’t only serve the purpose of increasing your conversion rates. They can also assist you in establishing an outstanding reputation among CBD users, spreading brand awareness, and helping your brand reach new goals.

But, no matter how beneficial or significant they are, customer reviews on your site don’t do anything for your backlinking strategy. To get something in return for reviews, you should become a customer and leave comments on the website who’s products or services you’re using.

Compose the comment in a way to mentions your brand. Make sure the mention is inserted naturally and spontaneously. If your comment sounds too promotional, other site visitors won’t be interested in it, and there’s a chance of your comment being deleted. Spamming comments can also get you banned from the domain.

Instead, a positive review on a brand, product, or service while casually mentioning your website and providing a link to it can make a big difference. You can also earn a backlink by leaving a positive review on other CBD sites. In this case, a backlink can serve as an exchange for a good review, so everyone wins!

By phrasing your comments well and leaving them on different domains, you can get some for your website in no time.

Podcasts and interviews

Yet another option of building the backlinks for your business is through well-known interviews and podcasts. Although you may think these formats aren’t popular anymore, they’re making a big comeback. The formats we’re all familiar with went through a significant transformation. Post that, they became digitized and are currently on the path of gaining worldwide popularity once again.

With cannabis legalization, the increased popularity of CBD products, and numerous other hot topics in this niche, podcast hosts and interviewers are taking every chance to talk more about the highly controversial field that attracts a lot of listeners and spectators.

To make the program even more interesting, every interview or podcast episode needs to have a guest. If your brand becomes relevant enough, expect various interview and podcast invites to pile up. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait for an invite. Many brands reach out to podcasts and interviews where they’d like to appear as a guest. Since these productions are constantly looking for new content, you’ll likely receive an invite.

But, how is this connected to building backlinks? Since these programs have their digital versions, you’ll get a valuable backlink that’ll make your website known to numerous people.

Focus on infographics

Infographics can be very valuable for your website. Instead of offering your clients plain chunks of text, consider breaking them up with alternating visual content. Images, graphs, gifs, videos, illustrations, or any other type of visual content is more than welcome.

Not only will visuals grab the attention of readers, but they’ll also increase readership, improve brand visibility, and make the content easily shareable.

Infographics are also a great way to implement some backlinks into your content. Meanwhile, other sites will link back to your website using your visuals since that’s much easier than creating unique visuals from scratch.

However, bear in mind the process of embedding backlinks into the infographics is very time-consuming and complex. However, this is precisely why so many web admins decide to add links from the infographics used on other websites rather than create ones for themselves. Having that in mind, you can genuinely benefit from investing in unique and high-quality infographics.

Scraping for content

We mentioned all the potential ways of building your backlinks in 2021. However, there’s one more method people have mixed opinions about. Of course, we’re talking about the notorious skyscraper method. It’s among the most critical marketing strategies currently available as it’s focused on taking advantage of someone else’s content.

To implement the skyscraper technique, you’ll want to find a highly linked blog post or piece of content that ranks high in the organic search results. Post that; you’ll want to analyze the content and create content that’s significantly better than what you found on the top-ranking page. This typically means you’ll use the same content as your foundation. Through paraphrasing it and adding some slight changes, the upgraded text version will sound and look better.

Finally, promote the better and improved version to everyone who linked the original piece of content. While this might not be the most ethical solution, it does a good backlink building. With this method, you can also learn that your business can significantly benefit from. If your business is struggling with extremely limited resources for backlinking, this might be one of the possible solutions.

Anchor text for backlinks

The secret behind making the best backlinks is using authentic and high-quality anchor texts. Keywords are vital factors that significantly influence the overall ranking of your content, so coming up with a perfect anchor text is imperative.

Follow these guidelines to create the best anchor texts for your backlinks:

  • Avoid overly long anchor text and keep them to the point
  • Keep variation in your anchor text
  • Stick to high-quality and commonly used keywords
  • Implement the anchor text into the content so that it sounds natural
  • Use a moderate number of links – not too many or too few
  • Make the content as relevant as possible

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The challenges of digital CBD businesses

CBD businesses already face plenty of complications.

Firstly, CBD is largely accepted by the public, but it still belongs to the marginal area that makes selling and use of its products just about legal. CBD companies have additional challenges when it comes to operating legally as federal agencies are constantly creating new changes and introducing new regulations for the legal cannabis market.

Secondly, CBD products have to be thoroughly analyzed and lab-tested by third parties. CBD manufacturing companies must provide high-quality and safe ingredients in precise doses, so their products follow the federal legality standards.

In addition to all of this, CBD businesses are still growing, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive. If you’d like to stand out from the crowd and make your business exceptional, building backlinks might be just what your digital brand needs to capitalize on.

Other useful tips

When you’re focusing on building backlinks, several other technical details can prove to be highly beneficial for your domain besides backlinks. They’re commonly dealt with together with backlinks, so this might be the perfect time to mention them. Take a look at these examples:

Keyword optimization

To create easy-to-find and accessible content, you must implement relevant to your business. This step will make your piece of content optimized as it’ll be search-friendly.

Use optimized keywords for your niche throughout the content, as they’ll instantly improve your SERP ranking. Start by finding the most used but high-quality keywords. Then, implement as many of them in your text as possible without making the text sound too artificial or promotional. While searching for relevant keywords, people tend to use simple words and conversational phrases, especially now that voice search is becoming more and more popular. Here are some keyword examples your CBD business can benefit from:

  • Buy CBD products
  • CBD products near me
  • Cannabis strains
  • Best CBD gummies
  • Hemp CBD oil

Interactive user interface

No one likes visiting or exploring an outdated website when the technology is currently at its best. Therefore, designing an interactive website interface that’ll engage your visitors is necessary if you want your brand to excel.

Seamless and intuitive navigation, interesting visual effects, and interactive features are a must. Consider implementing a chatbot that can instantly provide support and offer help to your site’s visitors. Moreover, call-to-action buttons placed in handy locations can enhance the entire experience too. In simple words, visitors who convert into customers will gladly return to your website if it has an interactive interface.

Personalized experience

Another significant advantage your site can have over the competition is personalization. You’ll want to do everything in your power to provide your visitors with a customized experience. Instead of offering everyone the same products or services, think about how your site can respond to different desires and needs your clients will indeed have.

For instance, if a site visitor is looking at CBD edibles, think about the other products they might be interested in. By creating a tailored shopping experience, there’s a high chance you’ll offer your clients just what they’re looking for.

Technical optimization

Today, technical optimization is a must. When creating a website, it’s not enough to make a single version and use it for every device. Instead, you should have at least two website versions – a desktop version and a mobile version. That way, your clients won’t have any difficulties navigating the site and viewing content regardless of the tech device they’re using.

Before you launch your site, test the domain on various devices and see how the website behaves; PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – the more, the merrier. Not only can website performance depend on the device type, but also on the brand. So, consider taking that into account.

Technical optimization will ensure all your clients have the same user experience and can enjoy while browsing your CBD website.

The bottom line

To sum everything up, a lot goes into designing a quality website that’ll become popular among CBD fans. Besides creating a visually-appealing site, you must pay attention to your domain’s search ranking.

Backlinks are among the most critical factors that can drastically influence how good or bad your page ranks with organic searches, which is why you must do everything in your power to build high-quality backlinks for your CBD business.

In this article, you can find the most used and popular techniques for better backlink building. If you don’t have the resources to pay an SEO expert, this is how you can do backlinking on your own.

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