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CBD Backlinks: 12 Proven Hacks to Secure High DA Backlinks

Everyone wants their search traffic to increase. However, not everyone gets it. About 90% of bloggers never receive more than 100 visits from search engines per day. Unfortunately, that’s the case.

A lack of search engine traffic will prevent you from increasing sales or branding. What can you do to grow search traffic?

The answer is simple: Build High-Quality Backlinks.

If you are a cultivator, retailer, or other parts of the CBD or Cannabis supply chain and looking for easy and proven techniques to build high-DA CBD backlinks, it’s time to hop on a few hacks to support your journey to rankings.

In this blog, we’ll share 12 hacks to secure high DA CBD Backlinks to help you out.

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In the eyes of search engine crawlers, backlinks are regarded as votes. Links to your site will give your blog pages more weight in search engine results. The better quality your links are, the better your search engine rank.

In every niche, this is true

What happens if you search for CBD companies in your area? Does your company pop up in the search results? At what point do you appear in the results?

If your CBD company isn’t ranking well in search engines, you’ll need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). Thanks to SEO, you can drive qualified traffic to your website by ranking in relevant search results.

However, how exactly do you go about getting started with CBD SEO?

CBD backlinks prove that you have a reputable website, and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use them to rank your domain. Backlinks are the most crucial factor for ranking your website on these global search engines for CBD organic search.

In this text, we’ll present you with some tricks on building credible backlinks for the cannabis industry, i.e., CBD backlinks. However, before you get into the CBD link-building process, we have to go over some things you should prepare to handle.

What to bear in mind before putting CBD Backlinks into practice?

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  • First and foremost, be patient since CBD backlinks take time.
  • Build a strategy and a habit to work in chunks, i.e., little by little.
  • Once you grasp the whole process, make sure your website is well-polished and ready to be in the spotlight.

Since the CBD SEO keywords will lead users to your website, you should check how mobile-friendly your website is, how reliable your website design is, and how on point is your on-site SEO. In other words, you should ensure that your website is worth visiting and interacting with.

The complex world of SEO is not always easy to navigate, but mastering it indeed comes with many perks. After all, aren’t we more determined to go mobile and carry all of our tasks online? Because your answer is yes, let’s go over the essence of high traffic CBD backlinks.

The Hacks!

CBD (cannabidiol) is a prevalent supplement nowadays and has been a part of many consumers’ shelves for quite some time now. People use CBD-infused drinks, gummies, tinctures, and vapes which shows there are versatile methods for CBD consumption.

Since CBD has potential health benefits, more and more people are purchasing it in various forms. This popularity of CBD directly leads to increased competition between retailers, eCommerce platforms, and CBD websites that have this cannabis compound at their disposal.

High-quality CBD backlinks are an essential tool, and the way companies use them will make them either grow or shrink in the eyes of the global search engines, meaning that the website with good CBD backlinks will get much more exposure than those who don’t have them.

Therefore, investing in excellent CBD backlinks is essential to acquire new customers, build authority in your industry, and acquire substantial organic growth. Here are the twelve most used and easily implemented strategies for CBD backlink building.

Guest blogging for CBD publications

The first backlink trick you should implement is guest blogging. The process of guest blogging includes writing for blogs that publish CBD-related content and newspaper and online magazines from the same niche. Just be careful not to fall into one of the most common pitfalls of guest blogging—writing for the wrong websites.

Each time you decide to write something for guest blogging purposes, you’ll have to set aside some time and create high-quality content. No website wants to publish duplicates or poorly written content that’s not compelling, and making this mistake can destroy your CBD guest post outreach.

The CBD industry makes this even harder because it’s highly regulated, and the failure rate for written content in this field can be high if you are not careful. Make sure you are writing for websites that will be around for a long time. How can you spot them?

We suggest you pick a reputable website to write for based on these three factors:

  1. Has the target audience you want to reach;
  2. Has been around for more than two years;
  3. Has between 30-60 domain authority score;

Cannabis podcasts

Guest cannabis podcasting is the 2021 version of guest blogging. Most podcasts have their own designated websites to publish their show notes and link back to their guests. First, you have to find out which podcasts your target audience is listening to so you can be sure you’ll reach relevant people. When you discover your target audience’s favorite topics, stay in that niche, but cover a topic that’s new, compelling, and ideally, hasn’t been tackled yet.

Broken links

When you research how to find backlinks for Hemp, you have to make sure to do thorough research on broken links. In its essence, broken link building is all about finding web pages that have links that lead to dead pages.

Identifying broken links leading to 404 pages presents an alternative approach to getting an original link. The goal is to insert content thematically linked to the content written in the past.

It’s a bit of work but simultaneously helping websites identify broken links (very bad for SEO, by the way) might make website owners inclined to replace the broken link with one of yours.

Digital PR

Don’t overlook the power of digital PR when you start building links for your website. PR announcements are sources that journalists often seek when they need stories to cover. If you can become one of those that stand out and make the news, you can earn hundreds of linked coverage pieces from just one campaign.

On top of that, you can build links that are topically relevant to the prominent publications in your industry. These links will place you in the expertise group of the CBD industry and induce referral traffic which is your primary goal. PR releases are an excellent tactic for promoting yourself within your industry, but they can potentially snowball and get you even more backlinks.

Cannabis events

Hosting trade shows, meetups, and conferences is a great way to improve networking within your industry but also a great way to build backlinks. You can promote your event on various platforms with an event calendar and include backlinks to your website.

The more events you organize, the greater the community response will grow. That’s the best hack to get a good reputation while also getting a foothold as an industry influencer. Once people see how reputable you are, they’ll link back to you without too much consideration.

Also, don’t refrain from speaking at these events and training programs. Whenever you speak to your target audience at, e.g., trade shows, you establish a live personality that people remember.

Furthermore, many of them cover the events in one way or another, so being memorable may lead to getting more backlinks through random coverage of the event(s) you participate in.


Strange as it may sound, testimonials can also be an excellent way for you to build backlinks. If you write a testimonial for someone else’s website and they publish it, they’ll probably also be happy to pay tribute and link back to your website.

The key with testimonials is to approach them correctly. If you think that openly talking about how someone else’s product, service, or tool doesn’t come with any benefits, you’re wrong. Those testimonials where you openly praise others are an excellent place for you to promote yourself.

Cannabis infographics

In our modern world, we often scan more than we read. Infographics are visual content which we can scan and share easily. That’s precisely why you should turn your blog posts into flow charts, graphs, or tables that users can scan without wasting too much time.

Optimizing your metadata will lead to higher rankings on Pinterest and Google. Optimize and add images to your blog post, share them on social media, and submit the posts to infographic websites to get backlinks.

When you reach a significant number of shares on social media, your infographic may end up as a feature on other reputable websites and serve as a backlink.

Surveys, quizzes, and tests

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Online quizzes have something that makes them exciting for users to complete and share their results. People in the canna industry have created quizzes about CBD at one point or another. If you wish to incorporate a quiz into your website, you can get tools specialized for this or hire a developer to help you do it.

Publish an original research study

Quoting a research study is always easy, but publishing and creating your own isn’t. To make your website rise in credibility and get people to visit it and talk about it, you should publish an original research study.

The greatest struggle with publishing an original research study is deciding on where to start. Don’t get overly ambitious with the subject matter—always start small.

Also, choose a topic that readers will be interested in, e.g., the health benefits of CBD that other reputable newspapers haven’t tackled yet.

Enable a free resource

The same way people like and enjoy surveys and online quizzes, they also enjoy sharing and using free tools websites offer. If you want to find out what some of the best ideas for creating free tools are, here are three examples to get you started:

  1. Buy a finished tool or build a new one – Once you acquire a tool which could either be a generator or a calculator, for example, you should make it available and visible on your website for users to find them with great ease;
  2. Enable a third-party platform on your website – with a third-party platform available on your website; you can use it to provide value for your customers. Just make sure that the integration you are using is something your audience will find helpful;
  3. You shouldn’t just use lead magnets available for download to get online traffic – It would be best to use them for organic traffic. Make sure you create a dedicated landing page for that magnet and optimize it for leading search engines.

Follow cannabis job boards and put-up postings on them

It’s irrelevant whether you’re planning to hire new people for your company or not; always create a company profile on cannabis job boards. Try to find job boards with a big following, and in time your traffic will gradually increase.

After you set up a job posting on a cannabis job board, yes, your traffic will increase, but there’s a downside to it. Still, big boards will mark the links with a no-follow tag. On the other hand, niche and small job boards are probably not where you want to get a do-follow link.

Leading Cannabis job boards in the industry are Careers Cannabis, Growers Networks, and Ganjapreneur Jobs. You should always keep a log of all boards you place your job postings on and make sure that you place them only on the reliable ones.

You can also go the extra mile and promote your job postings, which will further help you attract the right talent adequate for your company. The copy (text) of your job posting is crucial when it comes to attracting traffic.

Whenever someone shares your job posting, you’ll increase the chances of getting backlinks that can further spread beyond the job board. The chances of that happening are not at all slim if you do things correctly.


HARO is an email newsletter that has an excellent matchmaking system that connects journalists and experts. HARO sends three emails per day, and the emails that go out incorporate listing requests for versatile quotes by journalists.

There’s a great variety of journalists and industries that are looking for experts. HARO sends requests for cannabis experts who have a name in the hemp industry, especially regarding CBD, from time to time. You can sign up for HARO quickly and submit your quotes whenever you find a reasonable request for your line of expertise.

Bonus step

Additionally, you can always do something extraordinary to stand out. People in the canna industry are always interested in learning and sharing exciting things about CBD, especially if it is connected to its potential health benefits. Journalists are no exception to this.

If you wish to find the best way to get people talking about you, you must create something worth talking about. Regardless of whether this novelty increases your sales or not, people will love it.

These cool and catchy projects will pay off in the long run. You can either include a company-wide passion project or create a philanthropic initiative. Another option is to share an interesting story coming straight from your portfolio.

In a nutshell, this step related to coolness will provide you with the following benefits – cool projects are the ones that create good stories, and good stories are the ones that spread. Why not make it a core of your backlink-building efforts?

Why are CBD backlinks increasingly important in 2021?

These days, it’s not all just about the quality of the product; it’s more about how you present it and how people see it. It is understood that marketing is the primary tool and the most successful driving force in all types of sales, regardless of what kind of product is in question.

Due to this reason, you’ll have to invest in some good marketing strategies. You should be aware that the second page of Google is where people reluctantly decide to find sources for their reading. That’s why you shouldn’t stop until your content appears on the first page for relevant queries.

Having said that, accomplishing this is extremely difficult, costly, and time-consuming. However, if you wish to be successful, you should work on achieving the goal of ranking highly, and that very well may mean that you need to invest first before you start getting results.

SEO solutions are crucial, and they are the set of techniques that rank your content higher on the Google search lists. The search engines follow regulations and algorithms, and your goal is to go above and beyond to meet the high standards for high-ranking content.

So, what do Yandex, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Google have in common? All of them use, as we’ve mentioned, specific algorithms that decide on your ranking. The algorithms follow strict guidelines, restrictions, and trends, which directly impact your ranking on these search pages.

Indeed, the algorithms are ever-evolving and constantly changing, but the backlinks are a metric that every algorithm considers when making a ranking protocol. It’s precisely the backlinks that are your most juicy guarantees that your products, content, and services are good enough to become a feature of a prevalent website.

From this fact, we can conclude – the more backlinks, the merrier. Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine out there, and this search engine uses the algorithm called PageRank to rank its results in SERPs.

Of course, this is not the only ranking tool that Google uses, but it’s the most popular one. This ranking tool uses an advanced mathematical formula that can calculate the importance of the website in question.

In this equation, backlinks play a vital role. Think of it this way – a backlink is like a vote a citizen can give you in the state’s elections. If you have more votes from registered voters and they vote according to the rules, you’re going to be placed at the top.

We can simply conclude that the more votes you get, the higher you’re ranking in any search engine. The ratio for backlinks and search engine ranking goes hand in hand and equals 1:1. This information can help you get a better understanding of the importance of backlinks. We’re not just saying this as friendly advice. It has been a fact for quite some time now. The standard of each industry (in our case, the CBD industry) is that backlinks play a vital role in the competitive ranking system of the search engines’ landscape.


We hope you are now a step closer to understanding how backlinks work, why they are so important, and how you can make them a great part of your marketing strategy. If the answer is yes, then we’ve fulfilled our purpose. Our easy steps regarding strategies on how to build backlinks are pretty straightforward and transparent so that after reading them, you can immediately get to work.

If your answer is no, we suggest you go over this article one more time and place yourself in an entrepreneur’s shoes. The only thing you’ll need for great success is to think like a successful person. We’ve given our best to help you become one.

Also, don’t get your hopes up that you’ll do it on the first try. Successful backlink building takes time and patience (and effort). All you have to do is accept that search engines require search engine optimization and that there’s no way to go around it.

It is also essential to understand that all search engines have ingrained algorithms and mathematical formulas that you can’t change; you’ll start doing your best to please them. If we were to say this in other words, you should make them see you as a business or company that’s worth placing on the first page of their search result. And you can only do this if you offer quality content that provides solutions to the weak points of your target audience.

And, in the end, all that’s left is for you to take everything and learn more about it, pair it with other relevant sources, and start working on your CBD backlinks. They are not the only thing you should be working on, but just a piece of a vast SEO puzzle. So, it would be best if you go through all the mentioned pointers in detail before incorporating them into your CBD backlink process.

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