I’m Veda Green, and I like to call myself a cannabis crusader. Apart from that, I’m an avid reader and a passionate writer. I have been studying cannabis market growth and medical updates for the past five years.

I’m a blogger and influencer specializing in Cannabis and Healthcare and currently securing the position of web content strategist specializing in cannabis.

Sweet, right? But this didn’t come easy to me. Various chain of events led me to the path where I am now.

For starters, all my life, I have suffered from low self-esteem and poor health. It was a vicious cycle for me. Low self-esteem led to poor health and vice versa.

I had very few friends in school, and most of the time, I used to keep to myself. At one point in time, I realized I was falling into depression. It affected my studies, my social life, and my behaviour. 

Deep down, I was very hurt, and I wanted help. I was blessed to have a loving and caring family who took charge of the situation and helped me bounce back. They motivated me to start doing yoga and meditation.  

I began to feel better.  I consciously made an effort to eat better and indulge in some hobbies. I began to paint and created some of my best art at that time. Slowly I took charge of the situation and started moving in a positive direction.

During this time, I realized how important mental health is. A screwed up mental health can ruin your physical health and wellbeing and could alter your life’s trajectory. With low self-esteem, we tend to make poor decisions that are crucial to our life. Poor choices can lead us to a lousy career and messy relationships.

I realized that it’s essential to have healthy self-esteem and confidence. It wasn’t easy for me to get out of this challenging phase of my life. I took drastic measures to change my routine into a healthy lifestyle, and it didn’t happen overnight. It took a tremendous amount of effort and time. But I’m happy that because of my ordeal, I made a career in the healthcare industry.

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I’ll be happy to share step by step guide of my transition to a better me-

Know That You Are Not Alone 

First and foremost, you need to know that you are not alone. Trust your family and friends, talk to them, confide in them. Know that people who love you would always help you and think the best for you. Join a support group if you want, listen to people who are in the same boat. Doing this would make you realize that you are not alone, and several other people are going through worse than what you are. You’d also understand that people do get better after going through the worse.

Practice Meditation And Yoga

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There’s nothing better than meditation to keep the negative thoughts away and keep your mind healthy. Start with five minutes. Practice five minutes at least for a week. Try to be calm and relaxed, even if nothing happens, don’t give up. When you successfully meditate for five minutes, gradually increase the time. Keep away your gadgets, switch off your phone, play soothing music in the background, draw the curtains, and relax. If nothing seems to work for you, join a meditation class. Under the guidance of a Guru, you will surely be able to meditate.

Exercise, Exercise, And Exercise

I can’t lay enough emphasis on this one. You need to exercise every day. Don’t give up when you are feeling down, down, give up when it’s raining, don’t give up when you are tired. No Excuses! You need happy hormones to flow in your body. Regular exercise can give a boost to your dopamine and serotonin levels. These hormones regulate your mood and reduce stress.

Eat A Healthy Diet

You can’t ignore the importance of a healthy diet. Eat healthy food, and at regular intervals. Opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet. Trust me, it’s guilt-free and agrees 100% with your system. Include lots of salads, fruits, and sauteed vegetables. Keep yourself hydrated. Having a glass of red wine a day can be healthy, overindulging is a big NO.


I cannot call myself a cannabis crusader without giving it a try myself, right? Many of you must be aware of what CBD is. For those who don’t know about it, it’s a cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants. It’s legal in most of the places if its origin is hemp and contains less than 0.2%- 0.3% of THC. It has many health benefits and one of its advantages is fighting stress and anxiety. It helped me a lot during my stressful phase. I started taking CBD oil in my diet under the guidance of an expert. It helped me eat and sleep better, reduced my anxiety levels and elevated my mood. I’m so glad that I tried this magical compound, and since then, I’ve been a huge fan of it.

Have A Regular Work Schedule

Having a proper work schedule is very crucial to beat the blues. Try to find a work that interests and motivates you. Having your mind occupied can keep away the negative thoughts. Meeting people in your workplace can also cheer you up. Going to work also puts you in a proper routine, that’s very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Getting up on time, getting nicely dressed, wearing your favourite perfume, can make you feel better. Once you get ready, look into the mirror, smile and compliment yourself on how happy you look and how you are getting better as each day passes. Stop self-pitying, and start motivating and praising yourself. It’s the very initial step at getting better.

Get A Pet

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Having a pet can reduce stress. With a furry friend beside you, you cannot be depressed or sad for a long time. Be it a dog, or cat, or anything, a pet can take away all your stress. You can find plenty of studies supporting this fact. I had two dogs named Milo and Buzzo. They helped me cope up with my anxiety issues and made sure that I was never alone. Now they are no more, but they’ll always be in my heart.

Meet Friends That Understand You

I know depression is that phase of life where you want to cut off from everybody and be in your cocoon. Doing this would only pull you deeper into the darkness. It would be tough for you to gather yourself, dress up, and meet friends, but trust me, you need this push from the inside. Put up a fight against that demon in you, who’s stopping you from getting better. No matter how reluctant you feel to the idea of getting out, do it at least once. Meeting close friends that understand you can be very therapeutic. Go out, listen to the birds chirping, look at the kids playing, don’t stay cooped up under your bed.

Now that I’m in a better place, I look back and feel that this phase was probably the best thing that happened to me. Overcoming this phase made me realize the importance of mental and physical health, and the importance of friends and family. Today, I help people by actively writing on health and wellness. I feel that even if one person gets better because of me, my life would be worth it.

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